Downgrade rules

Please read carefully

Every single thing you do affects your ranking either negatively or positively. To avoid any downgrade on your account, please read carefully.

  1.  If your loan payment is overdue for 1-2 weeks, you will receive a yellow card.
  2. If your loan is overdue for more than 2 weeks, you get a yellow card and a 30-day timeout (you cannot request for a loan in this period)
  3. Having 2 yellow cards will downgrade your level automatically, reducing the loan amount you can access
  4. Paying your loan on time clears out any number of yellow cards you may have accumulated. Ensure you pay on time to avoid them in the first place!
  5. If your loan repayment is not made within a stipulated period of time, you will be downgraded to the lowest level and your account will be frozen. Avoid losing your good credit history and ranking by paying in time.

Remember, the earlier you pay, the higher your rank. The later you pay, the lower your rank. A high rank equals higher amounts while a lower rank equals lower amounts!