Invite friends rules

How to invite friends

Share your code with a friend in Profile > “Share with Friends” option.

Discount rules

  1. Share your invitation link with friends and they receive a discount off their first loan. You also receive a discount coupon to use on your next loan when your friends pay back. You are granted one coupon per new signup who repays their loan.
  2. The promotion is only valid for friends that are new to QuickCheck. You will not receive a coupon if the individual is already registered.
  3. The coupons can be used for loan principal reduction or repayment with one coupon per loan. They are valid for 6 months after they are issued.
  4. They can only be used just once; and if the value of the coupon is higher than the repayment amount, the remaining balance will be forfeited.
  5. You can invite multiple friends per day, however, you are limited to 50 coupons per month.