Who we are

QuickCheck is a Nigerian Fintech Startup that aims to provide banking services to the underserved. Built by people who work towards solving real world problems, we found out that a large portion of the Nigerian population has no access to proper banking services... We want to fill this gap!


Made of young entrepreneurs who thrive on new challenges and want to make a difference in the world. We are millennials who actively work to build the world our parents envisioned for us!


Our team is spread around the world to capture the best talent available. We partner with global companies that provide us the knowledge, experience, and infrastructure to deal with financial technology markets, thus leveraging our position.


There is no problem too hard to solve, nor a challenge too ambitious to chase. We tackle every issue one at a time, and we keep learning something new every day.


No need to reinvent the wheel. We stand on the shoulders of giants, and leverage the expertise of our partners to our advantage. We respond fast to problems and try to find the best possible approach to any given challenge.


Our motto is work hard and have fun. Every day we take a few minutes to relax together and tell bad jokes to lighten up the mood!

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QuickCheck App

It's a very good app that comes at the very point of need. So helpful.

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