Frequently Asked Questions

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General Information

How do I apply?

How much can QuickCheck borrow me and for how long?

Are your services available to lagos residents only?

Can I apply for a loan from a computer or another other operating system other than Android?

Account Information

Why is my bank account required?

Why is my BVN needed?

I have a complaint, who can I contact?

My loan application has been validated, why have I not yet received my funds?

How long does it take for my account to be credited?

Why was my loan application rejected?

My application has been been submitted but I haven't received any notification about my loan status.

Can I change my personal information or banking details on my app?

How can I check my expected date of repayment?

Profile and Card setup

What documents do I need to submit?

Why are you requesting for my card details?

Bank Accounts

What is a QuickCheck Bank Account?

Loan Repayment

How can I pay back my loan?

Can I pay back my loan in instalments?

I want to pay back my loan before the due date, will I pay less?

What happens if I can't repay my loan on my due date?

I just made a repayment. When can I apply for another loan?

I have paid back my loan but my account has not been updated. What should I do?

Can I make a repayment with a different account number and account name?

What if I don't pay back my loan?

Data Verification

Is my data safe with you?

I lost my device. How do I retrieve my account?

I can't validate my phone number. What should I do?

I can't validate my account number. What should I do?

I am getting this error while trying to submit my application: "BVN already in use".

Why was my account suspended?

Google PlayStore

I tried downloading the app from the Google Play store but I'm getting a ‘Device not compatible' message. What does this mean?